PURE Incense

R 75.00
Amber Sun  A blend of ancient herbs and spices with a sweet balsamic scent, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and amber resins. Cedar and Lavender blend A woody and healing...

Singing Bowl

From R 0.00
Singing bowls are beautiful bowls that vibrate with rich deep tones when tapped or played. They have been used for meditation, music, relaxation, energy, and chakra healing, and personal well-being...

PURE Incense

R 75.00
Blue Lotus Real special, Real Lotus, be prepared! Mystic Garden  A Champa that is spicy too. Sacred Love A delicate Frankincense and Rose blend. Vastu Ayurvedic herbs only, deep yet understated. Yoga Blossoms Made with...

Crystal Soap

R 60.00
Spoil yourself with one of our fragrant, handmade, organic glycerine soaps..... These soaps are hypoallergenic, 100% natural and can be used to cleanse and moisturise all types of skin. The...

Sari Journal

R 195.00
Beautiful handmade journal from India, made from recycled saris and Lokta paper. Pages inside are blank. This large journal measures 15cm x 19cm. No two are the same.  

Wood Buddha Canister

From R 150.00
Beautifully carved wooden canisters, with a screw-on lid. Stash whatever you like in it. Size: Small - 6cm Medium - 8.5cm. Large - 11cm.

PURE Incense

R 75.00
This is Divine Nature. Pure incense to enhance your yoga, Meditation and prayer. A deep, earthy fragrance

Pure Frankincense In Jute Bag

R 175.00
Pure Incense Introduces Gandharaj Frankincense This incense is hand-rolled in the Mayapur, India using only the finest natural ingredients and is 100% chemical free. We hand crush the Frankincense resin...
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