PURE Peace Incense

R 60.00
Blue Lotus Real special, Real Lotus, be prepared! Mystic Garden  A Champa that is spicy too. Sacred Love A delicate Frankincense and Rose blend. Vastu Ayurvedic herbs only, deep yet understated. Yoga Blossoms Made with...

PURE Incense

R 60.00
Amber Sun  A blend of ancient herbs and spices with a sweet balsamic scent, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and amber resins. Cedar and Lavender blend A woody and healing...

Large Buddah Incense Holder

R 245.00
Painted resin Incense holder. Can hold up to 5 incense sticks.

Wooden Incense Holder

R 40.00
A wooden Incense Holder. Holds a single stick of incense.

Rose Petal Incense

R 60.00
This is Rose Petal –pure incense to enhance your yoga,meditation and prayer. real rose oil infused with forest flowers

Celestial Dreams Incense

R 60.00
This is Celestial Dance –pure incense to enhance your yoga, mediation and prayer. a clean, fresh, slightly spicy fragrance

Sandlewood Incense

R 60.00
This is Earth Fire –pure incense to enhance your yoga,meditation and prayer pure sandalwood, warm and uplifting

Silver Ornate Incense Holder

R 150.00
A beautifully etched Indian silver Incense Holder.  

PURE Love Incense

R 60.00
Deep Forest  Reminiscent of a walk through an ancient forest, a deeply relaxing, yet stimulating scent.   Frankincense smells like a combination of pine and burnt lemon and is used in...
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