Indian Prayer Scarf

From R 75.00
Beautiful handmade 100% cotton Scarfs with a printed mixture of Matra's, ohms, Buddah, Ganesh, Shiva and Vishnu patterns. Ideal as a scarf, a sarong, as a turban, over a table...

Pashmina Scarf

R 200.00
A fashionable pashmina scarf, wrap or shawl is the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit. Simply add a few pashminas to your closet and you will breathe new life into...

Mandala Face Mask

From R 75.00
These groovy Mandala Face Masks are non-medical re-usable and washable. They are double-layered, and include a filter., and elastic ear loops. They are so comfortable to wear, and breathe so...


R 225.00
Kikoys are beautiful pieces of woven cotton that were traditionally adorned by men of the East African Coast. Things have now evolved and the piece of clothing has been widely...

Mandala Sarong

R 150.00
A gorgeous lightweight cotton Sarong. Wrap it around your waist over your bather, use it as a scarf, as a headband, and even in your home draped over a chair...

Fingerless Gloves

R 295.00
These funky fingerless gloves are awesome! Fleece-lined and sure to keep your hands toasty and warm whilst leaving your fingertips open to still touch and feel,

Hemp Moon Bag

R 395.00
These money bags are made from cotton, with a nylon adjustable strap. They have 3 zipped compartments - 2 in the front and one at the back.  

Chest Jewels

R 260.00
Beautifully designed Chest Jewels to add the final touches to any festival look! These are reusable by gently cleaning off the residue of makeup after use and applying clear eyelash glue to the...

Bindi Packet

From R 30.00
A packet of stick-on bindi's. Various designs.

Kuchi Embroidered Headpiece

R 395.00
Kuchi jewellery is a traditional ethnic style of jewellery associated with the Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan.  Kuchi tribespeople are nomadic gypsies from the mountainous regions of southern and eastern Afghanistan,...
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