Coloured Wood Boat Incense Burner

R 225.00
A hand-carved wooden Incense Burner with beautiful mosaic stone work.

Silver Hamsa Flat Incense Burner

R 150.00
Beautiful Hamsa Hand Tibetan Silver Incense Burner. Measures approximately 12cm x 10cm.

Smooth Silver Incense Burner

R 195.00
A beautifully sleek and smooth Silver Incense burner, with a brass icon, and a double hole to burn one or two sticks of incense at a time.

Round Silver Incense Burner

From R 135.00
A beautifully etched Tibetan Silver Incense Burner. Measures approximately 9cm in diameter. Made in India.  

Silver Owl Incense Burner

R 195.00
A beautiful etched Owl Incense Holder. Made in India in Tibetan Silver. Measures approximately 9cm x 13cm. Owl has a set of striking gemstone eyes.

Silver Leaf Incense Burner

R 195.00
A beautiful Tibetan Silver Incense Burner in the shape of a lovely leaf. Measures approximately 10cm x 10cm, with a single hole for your incense, and a lovely hollow to...

Silver Coloured Boat Incense Holder

R 195.00
An elaborate and ornate Tibetan Silver Incense Holder adorned beautifully with precious stonework. and a statue of Ganesh, Buddha, or an Elephant at the end. This incense holder measures 23cm...

Turtle Stone Incense Holder

R 225.00
A beautiful funky Turtle Incense Holder. Made in Tibetan Silver and inlaid with precious stones. This fun incense holder measures 22cm long and has a single hole for a stick...

Resin Incense Holder

From R 150.00
An Incense Holder made of resin.
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