Satya Patchouli Incense

R 30.00
Hand-rolled, non-toxic.  A versatile sweet, spicy, musky fragrance. 10 sticks per box.

Satya Oodh Incense

R 30.00
This sweet and woody incense blend is known for creating a sense of calm, heightening creativity, and improving one's concentration and alertness. Medically, it is used to treat epilepsy, asthma,...

Gem Pendant Sodalite

R 180.00
SODALITE - encourages inner peace and harmony. It helps to improve communication on all levels, so is ideal for writers, teachers and students. It allows for expanded awareness during meditation.

Gem Pendant Black Tourmaline

R 180.00
BLACK TOURMALINE -deflects and protects against negative thoughts, emotions, geopathic stress, and EMF radiation from cellular phones.Perfect for individuals with sensitive energy fields.

Gem Pendant Aegerine

R 180.00
AEGERINE - A strong protective and energizing stone. Shields the aura from negative thoughts, emotions, attachments and EMF radiation. Heals damage caused to the aura and immune system and strengthens...

Smudge Popsicle

R 50.00
Our Smudge Stick Popsicles are organically grown and hand-picked in South Africa, individually packaged with care, and include comprehensive information and instructions on smudging, how to smudge, and the energetic...

PURE Love Incense

R 80.00
Deep Forest Reminiscent of a walk through an ancient forest, a deeply relaxing, yet stimulating scent. Frankincense smells like a combination of pine and burnt lemon and is used in many...

Arabic Solid Perfume Tin

R 120.00
Amber Musk is a natural deodorant and can be used as a perfume by gently rubbing it on your skin. The fragrance is soooooo good! It can also be used...

Satya Cinnamon Incense

R 30.00
Hand-rolled, non-toxic.  Perfect for meditation and relaxation. 10 sticks per box. The Satya range of incense sticks are 100% natural and handcrafted natural products. They are free from animal, toxic,...
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Chakra Stone Incense Holder

R 195.00
A hand-crafted stone incense holder. Dimensions: 7.5cm in diameter.
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