Vietnamese Hammock

R 295.00
Don't be misled by the "basic-ness" of these colourful nylon hammocks! They are made from high tensile strength nylon of maritime standard, and will hold up to 150kg! Length: 2.77m...

Cotton Rug

R 450.00
An Indie cotton rug, measuring approximately 180cm x 105 cm. Use as a rug, or on a table, a wall hanging, over a couch or bed runner.  

Smudge Sticks

R 60.00
Our Smudge Sticks are organically grown and hand-picked in South Africa, individually packaged with care and include comprehensive information and instructions on smudging, how to smudge, and the energetic properties...

Mandala Roundie

From R 350.00
Our Mandala Roundies are all 100% Organic Cotton and have been made using Vegetable/Chemical-Free Dyes. They are imported directly from our suppliers in Jaipur, India. Each one is made with...

PURE Peace Incense

R 60.00
Blue Lotus Real special, Real Lotus, be prepared! Mystic Garden  A Champa that is spicy too. Sacred Love A delicate Frankincense and Rose blend. Vastu Ayurvedic herbs only, deep yet understated. Yoga Blossoms Made with...

PURE Incense

R 60.00
Amber Sun  A blend of ancient herbs and spices with a sweet balsamic scent, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and amber resins. Cedar and Lavender blend A woody and healing...

Moroccan Ceramic Canisters

R 145.00
Add a beautiful exotic touch to your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom with one or more of these gorgeous Moroccan ceramic canisters. Perfect to house your coffee/tea, cotton wool buds...

Three Wise Men

R 245.00
The cutest little baby buddahs, depicting "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" Measures 7m high. Set of 3 included.

Tie Dye Mandala Throws

R 495.00
Our Tie-Dye Mandala Throws are rectangular in shape, with the QUEEN SIZE measuring approximately 220cm x 200cm, and the TWIN SIZE measuring approximately 200cm x 180cm.  Options to use your...

Mandala Curtains

R 795.00
Add a touch of bohemian flair to your home with a set of gorgeous Indian Mandala Curtains! SIZE: 100 x 215cm for one piece (two pieces are included in the...
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