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Sugandha Shringar Incense

R 30.00
Made in Mysore by the Aravinda Parimala works, their sandalwood-based, slightly musky, jasmine, and rose fragrance is ideal for prayer and pleasure. 12 sticks per box.

Satya Myrrh Incense

R 30.00
Enter a spiritual realm with the magic of myrrh, often used in spiritual ceremonies and for its medicinal properties. Hand-rolled, non-toxic.  Perfect for meditation and relaxation. 10 sticks per box.

Gem Pendant Lapis Lazuli

R 180.00
LAPIS LAZULI - helps to overcome depression, stimulating self-acceptance and acceleration of spiritual growth.As a stone of communication and truth, it brings mental clarity and emotional balance.

Gem Pendant Fluorite

R 180.00
FLUORITE - increases concentration, helps in the decision-making process, encourages innovative thoughts, and promotes the manifestation of ideas.

Gem Pendant Clear Quartz

R 180.00
CLEAR QUARTZ -increases wisdom and clarity of thoughts and emotions. It enhances memory, meditation skills and encourages harmonious thoughts and emotions.

Gem Pendant Labradorite

R 180.00
LABRADORITE - promotes strength of will, patience, and perseverance. It helps combine intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom, giving birth to creativity and inspiration.

Smudge Mix

R 175.00
Herbal Quartet Blend A unique mix of four herbs. Lavender for peace and harmony, Imphepo for cleansing and protection, Rosemary for clarity and calm, and Cedar for grounding and joy....

Ohm Mala Beads

R 245.00
Mala Necklaces are made up of exactly 108 beads, ending with a tassel. They are used in meditation and prayer. ...Or just because they look and feel so good. These...

Stone Round Incense Holders

R 195.00
A hand-crafted stone incense holder. Dimensions: 10cm in diameter.

Satya Sandalwood Incense

R 30.00
There is something distinctly Indian about the aroma of sandalwood,  Perfect for meditation and to bring calmness and clearing the mind. 10 sticks per box.  
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