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Moroccan Tripod Tagine

R 295.00
Simple and functional, this authentic, handcrafted Moroccan serving Tripod Tagine is ready to be used for your next flavorful and exotic Moroccan meal. This hand painted serving Tagine should be...

Moroccan Bowl

R 95.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic to your dinner table with a beautiful hand-painted bowl. This bowl can be used to serve chips or dip, tzatziki, olives, or any of...

Moroccan Flat Lid Jar

R 120.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic with a handpainted ceramic jar. Use it to contain sugar, tea bags, cotton wool, or bath salts; or just to look beautiful.
Sold Out

Moroccan Hamsa Ceramic Spoonrest

R 245.00
A clay ceramic Hamsa Hand, portraying all the beautiful colours of Morocco. Use it as a spoon rest, or hang it on your wall. Measures 15cm x 10cm.

Moroccan Salad Dish

R 195.00
Imagine serving your beautiful salad, pasta, rice or any dish in one of these beautiful Moroccan ceramic bowls. It can also be hung up on your wall. Measures 20cm in...
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