Moroccan Saucer

R 240.00
A set of 4 beautiful hand-painted Moroccan saucers. Size: They measure 15cm each . Use them as decoration on your wall, or use them to serve tasty eats.

Moroccan Candelstick

R 125.00
Add a touch of exotic Morocco with one of these beautiful ceramic candlestick holders. Will hold a normal size long candle. Choose your colour.

Moroccan Tripod Tagine

R 295.00
Simple and functional, this authentic, handcrafted Moroccan serving Tagine is ready to be used for your next flavorful and exotic Moroccan meal. This hand painted serving Tagine should be used...

Moroccan Canister

R 145.00
Add a beautiful exotic touch to your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom with one or more of these gorgeous hand-painted Moroccan ceramic canisters. Perfect to house your coffee/tea, cotton wool...
Sold Out

Moroccan Bowl

R 95.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic to your dinner table with a beautiful hand-painted bowl. This bowl can be used to serve chips or dip, tzatziki, olives, or any of...

Moroccan Glass Candlestick

From R 195.00
Moroccan recycled glass candlestick.  There is a spike at the top that holds a tea-light candle . They measure 14cm in length. The set of 3 candlesticks consists of 2...

Moroccan Candle Holder

R 120.00
An ornate Moroccan Candle Holder. Made of Moroccan tin.  As light as a feather.  
Sold Out

Moroccan Bowl

R 75.00
Imagine serving your tzatziki, olives, oats, soup or anything really in one of these gorgeous Moroccan dishes! Measures 10cm in diameter.

Moroccan Jar

R 120.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic with a handpainted ceramic jar. Use it to contain sugar, tea bags, cotton wool, or bath salts; or just to look beautiful.
Sold Out

Moroccan Mug

R 75.00
Why drink your favourite fix in an ordinary mug, when you can enjoy it in a beautiful Moroccan ceramic mug!Your coffee or tea will never taste better.... Choose your colour....
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