Bell Anklets

R 150.00
A double-stranded bead anklet with little bells and swirls. They make the loveliest, softest little jingle as you walk!

Beaded Anklets

R 120.00
Get that boho look with a cute anklet or 2! These well made strong anklets are made in northern Thailand with waxed cotton and assorted beads, stones and charms, and...

Swirly Gemstone Anklets

R 150.00
Gorgeous classy double-stranded anklet, adorned with gemstones and golden beads.

Tribal Boot Cuffs

R 495.00
Kuchi jewellery is a traditional ethnic style of jewellery associated with the Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan.  Kuchi tribespeople are nomadic gypsies from the mountainous regions of southern and eastern Afghanistan,...

Tribal Boot Cuffs

R 395.00 Regular price R 495.00
These beautiful tribal kuchi ankle cuffs can be worn on your bare ankles or around your boot. They have 2 sturdy presstud fasteners.  They measure approx 25cm in length. Sold...

Leaf And Gemstone Anklets

R 150.00
Beautiful double-stranded gold leaf anklets, with gemstone crystals and gold beads. Choose your colour.

Cowrie Anklets

R 150.00
Gorgeous double-string beaded cowrie anklets. Choose your colour!  

Kuchi Coin Anklets

R 95.00 Regular price R 120.00
An Afghan Kuchi tribal anklet featuring large metal vintage coins adorned  on beaded black cotton with button closure. Add a touch of tribal to any outfit!    ** Please note - it...

Cowrie Ankle Bracelet

R 195.00 Regular price R 245.00
A stunning boho accessory. Crocheted ankle bracelet adorned with a double row of cowrie shells and  beads. Band measures 15cm in length, with tie-ups on either sde. *** Sold individually.***...
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