Mandala Curtains Peacock Turquoise


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Add a touch of bohemian flair to your home with a set of gorgeous Indian Mandala Curtains!

COLOUR: Turqquoise Blue On White
SIZE: 100 x 215cm for one piece (two pieces are included in the set)
MATERIAL: 100% Cotton.
PATTERN: Screen Printed Peacock.
PLEASE NOTE: These are partially transparent in strong sunlight, you may need a backdrop if needed to block sunlight. Please bear in mind that these curtains are HAND BLOCK PRINTED and might have slight imperfections.
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: These curtains are HAND printed and require a gentle handwash for the first wash in COLD water. Thereafter you can machine wash in cold water on a gentle w
ash on it's own and the colours won't run.


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