Kikoy Orange And Black Stripe


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Authentic cotton Kenya kikoi with hand rolled fringes

A distinctive East African piece of cloth with hand rolled fringes, kikois are a popular summer wear. Drawing its heritage from the Swahili culture of the East African coast, this cotton fabric is a hit among men, women and children.

Made from 100% breathable cotton, kikoi are popular as sarongs but are very versatile with endless uses. It can be your scarf in the morning, a picnic blanket on a warm spring day and your shawl on a nippy evening. It works equally well as a table cloth or headscarf; its uses are limited by your imagination.

All our kikois are made with 100% cotton in a small factory in Kenya and come with hand rolled fringes. We offer a wide selection of kikois in both classic (plain) and contemporary (striped) designs in a variety of colours that reflect the vibrant Swahili culture.


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