Teal and Cream Salwar Kameez


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An exquisite cream and teal and cream Salwar Kameez traditional Indian outfit.

Consists of a dress or kurta, of which the top bodice is a deep blue and green and gold embroidered applique. The cream  lace dress is finished off with this applique hem.The blue drawstring pants, or salwar, are in a satin silk. The cream organza scarf (dupatta) is dyed cream and blue.

Size: XL.  Will typically fit size 34 - 38.

Salwar Kameez: It is the outfit commonly worn by Indian women and is second in line after the sari. The outfit is probably born out of Islamic influence especially that of Arabic and Persian cultures. Women all over the country prefer this dress mainly because of the comfort and ease of movement that it offers, besides near zero maintenance.

A salwar is a pair of loose pyjamas held together with a drawstring around the waist. It also comes in another version – very tight and narrow at the bottom with numerous extra folds gathered at the ankles. This is popularly known as a churidar. In Punjab, the women wear a patiala salwar which falls around the legs in innumerable pleats resembling a dhoti. A kameez is a long shirt, either loose or tight-fitting and comes in a straight or A-line shape. It is slit along the sides to allow freedom of movement. A salwar kameez is incomplete without a dupatta, which is a long piece of cloth to cover the bosom, but mostly used like a scarf.


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