Peacock Blue/Red/Beige Queen Bedding


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A QUEEN SIZE mandala tapestry sheet with 2 matching pillow cases.

Astonishing hand prints, made in Jaipur, India with a lot of attention to detail. Intricacy in prints & color combinations are the true ingredients for bringing out these alluring throws.

Sheet measures approximately 210cm x 235cm in diameter.

Pillow cases measure approximately 65cm x 40cm.

Fabric is 100 % Cotton, and Screen Printed

PATTERN: Peacock pattern in rich blue, red and beige.

Use as a Bed Sheet, Wall hanging, Beach Throw, Picnic Throw and Beach tapestry.

Printed through Vegetable dyes in pollution free environment in spacious but child free and smoke free factories.


* Cold gentle machine wash

* Do not soak and tumble dry

* Wash Separately

* Do not use any strong detergents

* Line dry in shaded area


Due to hand screen printing process, There is likely be imperfection with print, such as slight running of dyes, teeny paint spots, slight print imperfection, print miss-out etc. Images on computer screen may be brighter than actual.


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