Tribal Clutch Bag


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Bohemian clutch bag - a gorgeous statement accessory to brighten up any boho look!

This LEMON WHEEL VINTAGE CLUTCH BAG is colorful and earthy, with vintage tribal banjara fabric, which has been recycled and patched up with cross stitches and embellishments , including tassels, pom-pom and coins.

Measures 25cm in width x 20cm.

The Banjara people are considered the "gypsies of India", and the work Banjara is believed to be a combination of the words "Ban/Bana" meaning "Forest" and "Chare" meaning "Movers".  Their nomadic tribe has claims to the Hindu warrior classes of northern India and Pakistan, and they are known for their colorful and detailed traditional dress.

Each clutch bag is different and unique.


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