9-Tier Medium Hanging Chandelier


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An absolutely stunning showpiece!

This Turkish mosaic chandelier in hand-made of superior quality and unique style. A perfect decorative item to brighten up your stairway or a beautiful corner of your home.

Each shade may differ slightly, as no two are made exactly the same. They give a lovely low light and create a great ambiance in any room.
This light makes a fashion statement while remaining understated.

This chandelier is a single unit with 9 hanging bowls, that are interchangable.

Height : 160 cm (from top of chandelier to bottom)
Width : 143 cm.

Each bowl is  17 x 21 cm in diameter.

*** Please note that shipping on these lanterns is extra, as they need to be extra carefully bubble wrapped and boxed and insured before being sent off to you.***


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