Sandlewood Pendant

R 195.00
Our Sandlewood pendants come from Rishikesh, India.These beautiful pendants are made from a fusion of 5 metals, including tungsten, zinc and nickel. They hang on string of scented Sandlewood beads....

Ohm Chakra Pendant

R 245.00
A beautiful Ohm Pendant encircled with your 7 Chakra precious stones. It comes on a beaded Sandalwood chain. You can however interchange this chain to anyone chain of your choice...

Orgonite Pendant

R 150.00
These beautiful Orgonite pendants are made locally and with love and intention. They are made with a fusion jet of copper coils, quartz crystal, and resin. How Orgonites benefit you:...

Gem Pendant Sodalite

R 160.00
SODALITE - encourages inner peace and harmony. It helps to improve communication on all levels, so is ideal for writers, teachers and students. It allows for expanded awareness during meditation.

Gem Pendant Moonstone

R 160.00
MOONSTONE - A bringer of good fortune. Helps to improve self-image and allows self expression and creativity to flow. Heals emotional issues of the heart. Also allows sensuatity and passion...

Macrame Pendant

R 295.00
A beautiful waxed cord macrame pendant. Adjust the cord to the length you would like to wear it.
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