Cowrie Shell Choker

R 100.00
Get your very trending cowrie choker now! Genuine cowrie shells threaded on waxed string.   

Sandlewood Pendants

From R 195.00
Our Sandlewood pendants come from Rishikesh, India.These beautiful pendants are made from a fusion of 5 metals, including tungsten, zinc and nickel. They hang on string of scented Sandlewood beads....

Chakra Mala Beads

R 395.00
These beautiful Chakra Crystal Mala Bead necklaces add to any style! Not only are they beautiful and trendy, but they also serve a great purpose when it comes to meditation....

Kuchi Coin Tribal Necklace

R 295.00
A stunning tribal coin necklace, made of authentic kuchi coins.

Tribal Teardrop Choker

R 195.00
A sexy tribal teardrop choker, Has a button clasp. Made in Afghanistan.

Stone Tribal Choker

R 295.00
A beautiful stone choker necklace, made in Northern Thailand.

Sandlewood Mala Beads

R 195.00
Not only are these Prayer beads beautiful and trendy, but they also serve a great purpose when it comes to meditation. Use them as a tool to help you count...

Brushed Gold Chain Necklace

R 320.00
A beautiful brushed gold long strand beaded necklace. Made from alloy metals and will not rust.   However, as this is not GOLD, please treat with respect.

Tribal Cowrie Tie-Choker

R 295.00
A stunning cowrie pendant made onto cloth on a cowrie necklace.

Tribal Cowrie Choker

R 295.00
A beautiful cowrie and beaded choker.
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