Moroccan Saucer Set of 4

R 240.00
A set of 4 beautiful hand-painted Moroccan saucers. Size: They measure 15cm each . Use them as decoration on your wall, or use them to serve tasty eats.

Mandala Spinner

R 695.00
These beautiful Mandala Spinners are mesmerizing, to say the least. Metallic-painted aluminum cut-outs, they can be hung in your favourite spot indoors or outdoors.  Each one comes with a little...
Sold Out

Happy Yoga Frog

R 245.00
Know someone who loves frogs, or someone who loves yoga? Well, this is then the cutest gift idea for them! Measures 20cm x 13cm.

Moroccan Flat Lid Jar

R 120.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic with a handpainted ceramic jar. Use it to contain sugar, tea bags, cotton wool, or bath salts; or just to look beautiful.

Decorated Perfume Bottle

R 125.00
A beautiful handcrafted perfume bottle, crafted by local Moroccan artisans. Why not add a top quality olive oil to this and give an exotic touch to your dinner table. The...

Sleeping Buddha

R 345.00
Add a touch of serenity and beauty to your shelf or table with this  beautiful statue. Measures 25cm x 15cm.

Skull Planter

R 245.00
Are you a Day Of The Dead fan? Or know anyone who is?  Then this is the perfect gift to house your potplant in. Measures 15 x 15cm in diameter....

Moroccan Small Bowl

From R 95.00
Add a touch of Moroccan magic to your dinner table with a beautiful hand-painted bowl. This bowl can be used to serve chips or dip, tzatziki, olives, or any of...

Mini Tagine

R 95.00
Simple and functional, this authentic, handcrafted Moroccan mini Tagine is ready to be used for your next flavorful and exotic Moroccan meal.This hand-painted mini Tagine can be used to serve...

Recycled Glass Bottles

From R 195.00
Moroccan recycled glass candlestick.  There is a spike at the top that holds a tea-light candle . They measure 14cm in length. The set of 3 candlesticks consists of 2...
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