No Time Hoodies - XL

R 590.00
These awesome, vibrant cotton Hoodies are beautifully screen printed with vector art and stonewashed. Made in 100% cotton by independent Thailand artists and designers. Choose your design. *** Please note - XL...

Crochet Boho Scarf

R 195.00 Regular price R 295.00
Add that gorgeous bohemian accessory to your outfit this Winter, and watch it make all the difference! Our scarves come from Nepal, and are hand crocheted, with pops of colourful...

Nepalese Wool Shawl

R 295.00
Treat yourself to a luxurious wool shawl this season. Use it as a shawl or scarf, or throw it over the end of your bed, or enjoy it as your...

Fingerless Gloves

R 295.00
These funky fingerless gloves are awesome! Fleece-lined and sure to keep your hands toasty and warm whilst leaving your fingertips open to still touch and feel,

Slouchy Beanie

R 195.00
Aren't these the cutest! Proudly homegrown, handknitted beanie. One size.

V Shaped Poncho

R 395.00 Regular price R 595.00
Get yourself a cosy warm wool poncho, made in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Free Size.

V-Patchwork Poncho

R 495.00 Regular price R 695.00
A stunning Nepalese shawl poncho, sewn together from a myriad of various shawls. One size fits all. Has a hoodie and 2 side pockets.

Mongolian Fleece Poncho

R 295.00 Regular price R 495.00
A luxurious fleece poncho. Just flick over your head and go....   Wear it on your couch or wear it out. Free size.     

Nepalese Shawl Pants

R 345.00 Regular price R 495.00
An awesomely warm and funky pair of Harem Pants, made in Nepalese wool. They have an elasticized waist, straight legs and 2 side inner pockets. One size fits all.  Will...

Himalayan Hippie Hoodie - S

R 895.00
A beautiful funky zipped hoodie, is made in the Himalayas.  The thick stretch cotton is hand-stitched and razor cut with beautiful patchwork that is over-dyed.  It's design and hand crafted...
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