Nepalese Wool Shawl

R 295.00
Treat yourself to a luxurious wool shawl this season. Use it as a shawl or scarf, or throw it over the end of your bed, or enjoy it as your...

Fingerless Gloves

R 195.00 Regular price R 295.00
These funky fingerless gloves are awesome! Fleece-lined and sure to keep your hands toasty and warm whilst leaving your fingertips open to still touch and feel,


R 195.00
Aren't these the cutest! Proudly homegrown, handknitted beanie. One size.

V Shaped Poncho

From R 395.00
Get yourself a cosy warm wool poncho, made in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Free Size.

Bali V-Knit

R 295.00
These chic cotton knits are a great buy, as they can be worn front or back; ie with the V-collar infront or at the back. Team it together with a...

Nepalese Shawl Pants

R 495.00
An awesomely warm and funky pair Pants, made in Nepalese wool. They have an elasticized waist, straight legs and 2 side inner pockets. One size fits all.  Will comfortably fit...

Razor-Cut Hoodie

R 895.00
A beautiful funky zipped hoodie, is made in the Himalayas.  The thick stretch cotton is hand-stitched and razor cut with beautiful patchwork that is over-dyed.  It's design and hand crafted...

Happy Hippie Long Sleeve Top

R 590.00
A beautiful thick long-sleeve Top.  Hand-stitched and appliqued in overdyed stretch cotton. The attention to detail and design reflects the rich culture and tradition of this region. Made in the...

Nepal Cotton Jacket L

R 750.00
These stunning Jackets are made in the foothills of the Himalayas. 100% cotton, they have a drawstring hoodie, a zipped kangaroo pocket, and 2 side inner pockets. Size Large.


R 150.00 Regular price R 295.00
A woolen fleece-lined beanie.
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