The new Habiba website

Welcome to the new Habiba website! I am super excited with our new look, our new name, and our new webite; incorporating both Belly Dancing and Bohemian Chic together.

One definition of a "bohemian", that I love, is "somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle. They are not hippies, per say, because they have an extremely wide range of different tastes - in music,art and literature. They are usually very creative people. They are above all optimists. They like wearing a mixture of weird clothes, and to mix different fashions together.just for the heck of it. They are generally very laid back and relaxed.

I realize that some of you are belly dancers and some of you are bohemians, and then some of you are a bit of everything; if not only in your dreams.

So in our new website, I am hoping to satisfy the the belly dancer or the bohemian in you, and show you an exotic collection of the finest bohemian-chic fashion, décor and accessories, as well as unique imported belly dancing costumes.

My intention is to upload far more products than before, and to get the  images  up on our website faster, so that even if you are unable to come into our shop, you will not feel as though you are missing out on a thing!

A lot  of our products are limited and once-offs, so it is worthwhile to keep visiting our website to see if there is anything that grabs your fancy, and if you like it… don’t hesitate… buy it!!

I welcome any feedback on what is working for you and what is not with regards to our new website.

Thanks for your support!

Lots lof love


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  1. What a stunning website. Will make a plan asap to pop in to the shop.
    • LindyT
      Awesme! Thanks Sharon

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