Who we are

Habiba was founded in 2005 by Lindy Tennant after having visited mysterious Egypt. It was through experiencing the culture, meeting the people and exploring the millennia-old monuments that her love grew for this beautiful place.
Lindy was given the name Habiba (meaning beloved, sweetheart or loved one), by her close Egyptian friends, with whom she shared her magical adventures.
This unforgettable experience then led to the inspiration and encouragement to start a new, wonderful journey which has grown in leaps and bounds.

Our history

2005 -

Habiba started off with humble beginnings. Lindy was working full time in an office position and raising a family, focused on tasks at hand, but found herself daydreaming about her travels and love for living and the boho-centric lifestyle.  She decided to transform her attic into a treasure trove of imported Egyptian goods catering predominantly for the local belly dancing community. After long days of working in the corporate world and attending to her family’s needs, she made the time to build Habiba after hours, on weekends and in her spare time.

2014 -

After eight years of trading part-time from her home and participating in oriental markets and festivals, Lindy finally decided that it was all or nothing and took a big breath, gathered a bucket full of courage and determination, and decided to pursue her passion full time. The result… the Habiba Belly Dancing Supplies shop located in a quaint alley at Eden On The Bay Mall, a beach front lifestyle Centre in Big Bay, Cape Town.

2016 -

Now, exactly two years after opening her little shop at Eden On The Bay, and expanding her range to include many more things that inspire and delight her, Lindy decided to stretch her wings and move up …... well next door! A bigger retail space that will enable Habiba to continue to showcase her finest boho chic apparel and décor, as well as uniquely exquisite belly dancing supplies.

About us

Habiba is a reflection of Lindy’s daydreams, a warm, inviting space for her expertly curated assortment of distinctive apparel and accessories. From airy, bohemian wardrobe essentials to edgy, statement-making pieces and specialty jewellery from across the globe.

  • Belly dancing costumes and props
  • Boho chic clothing and tribal gear
  • Mandalas tapesties and bedsets
  • Jewellery and fashion pieces
  • Art pieces and décor trinkets
  • Lanterns and rugs
  • Goods sourced from both local and global designers

Whether you are a beginner oriental dance student, a dance instructor, or a professional belly dancer, if you are hosting an oriental event or theme party and looking for an outfit, a gift or décor, or even if you are a person that lives and loves the bohemian fashion look, you will find it all and much more at Habiba.

And what about Lindy? Well Lindy’s reward and joy is not only to be living her dream, but to share your excitement when you pop into her shop and love what you see and adore what you buy!

Come and see for yourself and take a magical carpet ride…